Adding space to your home is a dream of many of us but can be a complicated and expensive process. Extending a house or converting a loft needs planning permission and a lot of disruption to life. Adding a garden room can be an ideal solution but what can you do with garden rooms?

Wide range

To be accurate, the question is more what can’t you do with garden rooms and the answer would be – not a lot. There are so many different styles of these modern garden structures that no matter what purpose you want it to serve, there is a perfect match.

One of the most popular choices is as a hobby room where you can spread all your stuff and leave it there all the time, not having to clear away because the kids have come home or because the guest bedroom is needed for visitors. Garden rooms can even be altered to accommodate hobbies that have special requirements. Say you use power tools that can be a bit noisy – then you can have a sound proofing layer added that will mask the sound.

Sound proofing is another popular choice for people who play instruments or simply like to listen to their music without concern for the neighbours. It may be that you work from home in the music industry and have your special equipment in the space.

Relaxing fun

Perfect Garden rooms makes spots for the kids too. Whether for a play room for younger children or a games room for older ones, the garden room is safe and secure at night so expensive equipment can be left inside without concern for it being broken into. A good standard garden room will have the same kind of double glazed windows and doors as your home and the same security.