At one time, garden buildings were very basic, such as the shed or the summer house.  They were great in good weather but for anything more serious than potting up some seeds or maybe housing a few pairs of birds, they weren’t up for the job.  Then the modern garden office came along and opened up the chance to work from home in a professional work space

What is a garden office?
The garden office is a dedicated freestanding work space at home that comes in a range of sizes and designs.  Nowadays this is an advanced structure made from high quality materials you’d find in a new build property and finished with the latest double glazing windows, doors and fittings.  High levels of security are standard and you can even have smoke detectors, burglar alarms and CCTV systems to protect your equipment.

Who uses a garden office?
One of the biggest growth areas today are what HR call knowledge workers and creatives. People such as accountants, lawyers, IT contractors, artists, freelance writers and journalists.  Each of these sectors has differing needs – from an inspirational work studio to a professional meeting room with clients. You could of course convert a bedroom or a dining room to an office, but you wouldn’t benefit from the home/work divide that gives you a dedicated work space away from the distraction of the home

Types of garden offices
Apart from being slightly removed from the house, the garden office has another major advantage for the home worker – it’s level of customisation.  These work spaces are often available in a series of standard versions and many of these will work perfectly.  But the best garden office companies will also offer a bespoke service to design the layout specifically for what the customer wants.

One example of this can be the garden office with storage, giving you additional space for garden tools and other stuff in an adjoining area with separate access.

All finished in the same design style and cladding to enhance your garden space

Or it may be that you want a space that is both an office and a meeting place for visiting guests.  A bespoke office could have a section for your work and then a partition to another section for a lounge style area.  Here you could meet clients or colleagues without needing to bring them into your house.

Then at the weekends or evening it’s so easy to turn your work space to a garden room giving you all the benefits of an additional garden space for entertaining and relaxing, regardless of the weather.