With superfast broadband easily available, working from home has become the preferred option for a lot more people.

Employers are starting to see the advantages of letting people work 2, 3 or even 5 days a week at home.

Research shows that moral increases and productivity definitely improves…as well as making it easier to recruit some of the best talent around with this added benefit.

Nowadays the modern garden office can be installed very quickly, normally without the need for planning permission or any disruption. And if you decide to move house, it can be easily taken with you and re-erected in your new home.

As the best offices are modular, the flexibility of the floor plans means that it can be situated almost anywhere so that it blends in to your surroundings and takes advantage of the best views and configuration.

With a offices in garden, parents now have the option to carry on working while raising their pre-school family without incurring childcare fees or missing out on those precious years of development.  The workday can be tailored to suit the demands of family life with the home office providing a professional, separate, workspace, eliminating travelling pressures and costs.

As safety is a concern to parents, the garden office is the perfect place to house shredders, printers etc. etc. away from inquisitive youngsters. Needless to say the home office can become the perfect, on-site ‘bolt hole’ for parents needing just a little space! In turn, employers encouraging home working can be secure in the knowledge that their staffs are undertaking their tasks seriously and without interruptions.  Sickness and absenteeism is costly in the normal workplace – many homeworkers will now continue to work through illness where possible, in the comfortable surroundings of their office in the garden.

Another benefit to the employer is the saving on office space and utility costs. Modern communication technology and infrastructure allows for home workers to ‘attend’ meetings remotely – encouraging a team spirit from afar!  Many companies are striving to and want to be seen to reduce their carbon footprint so they will encourage the use of a garden office.

And at the end of the day there is the flexibility to change its use as an office to a garden room for leisure and a space to entertain or just relax