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Top gardening tips

When learning gardening start with ‘hardy’ plants: These are plants that are typically quite easy to grow because they aren’t fussy about soil pH, sunlight levels and humidity. Starting with plants such as tomatoes, onions, chard, basil, sunflowers, roses and petunias will help you to get a foot up whilst you’re learning gardening before moving on to more ‘fussy’ plants. Do your gardening in the morning or late afternoon: Gardening in the middle of the day is damaging for your skin but can also damage your plants. Pruning and watering will take up most of your time gardening but...

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What Can You Do with Garden Rooms?

Adding space to your home is a dream of many of us but can be a complicated and expensive process. Extending a house or converting a loft needs planning permission and a lot of disruption to life. Adding a garden room can be an ideal solution but what can you do with garden rooms? Wide range To be accurate, the question is more what can’t you do with garden rooms and the answer would be – not a lot. There are so many different styles of these modern garden structures that no matter what purpose you want it to...

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Benefits of having a garden office

With superfast broadband easily available, working from home has become the preferred option for a lot more people. Employers are starting to see the advantages of letting people work 2, 3 or even 5 days a week at home. Research shows that moral increases and productivity definitely improves…as well as making it easier to recruit some of the best talent around with this added benefit. Nowadays the modern garden office can be installed very quickly, normally without the need for planning permission or any disruption. And if you decide to move house, it can be easily taken with you...

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The Uses of a Garden Office

At one time, garden buildings were very basic, such as the shed or the summer house.  They were great in good weather but for anything more serious than potting up some seeds or maybe housing a few pairs of birds, they weren’t up for the job.  Then the modern garden office came along and opened up the chance to work from home in a professional work space What is a garden office? The garden office is a dedicated freestanding work space at home that comes in a range of sizes and designs.  Nowadays this is an advanced structure made...

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